Hello Dear Visitor and welcome to a little part of my creative world. My name is Despina-Mihaela Mircea; Professional Visual Artist specialized in Mural Art with Op-art and psychedelic influences. 

As I grew up I started expressing myself through music until later on, I found my way towards painting, and have been ever since I was in Middle School. And so my story starts, all the way to college until I got my Master`s Degree in Mural Art. I am in love with my work, merely because most of it comes from simple things like catching a glimpse at a geometric shape. Even though my art has a touch of psychedelic tendency, I hope that my viewers get the feeling of childhood innocence, happiness, and harmony.

There`s so much I can put into words but I want you, Dear Visitor, to feel free and give me a feedback. Should you have anything to discuss just leave me a message.